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About Spirit & Truth
  We are a dynamic, spirit-filled, full-gospel church.  We are a body of believers who want to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to develop a growing relationship with the Lord and his Church.   We believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in spirit-filled worship.  

   We believe in baptism in Jesus name, and have our own baptismal tank in the sanctuary.  On any Sunday you may approach leadership and request to be baptised.

  Spirit & Truth Oneonta began in the Springs living room in 1985, grew into our original building out front, and 6 years ago moved into our current building.  Most recently, we celebrated the completion of the basement and our  Nursery and Sunday School rooms.

 From there, we have branched out, purchasing a building in Utica, and Lifepoint Ministries was born.  Our fellowship in Cobleskill started in 1988, serving the college students on the college campus.

 A personal interest in radio since he was young, Pastor Spring began WJIH-LP in 1988 to spread the gospel over the airwaves.

  Wanting to provide a safe, comfortable place for children during morning service, our nursery and Sunday School rooms give children a fun place to spend time while their parents enjoy a service.